Mac Equivalent of Windows Task Manager

Is there a Mac Equivalent to the Windows Task Manager application?

Common uses of the Windows Task Manager is to view how much memory your system is consuming at any one time, and which programs are using the most amount of memory.

As it happens there is a Mac Equivalent called Activity Monitor which is located in the Utilities folder which is in the Applications folder which can be found in the Dock.

Try using the Activity Monitor. It’s actually more informative than Windows Task Manager.  Some Mac users even find it helpful to move the Activity Monitor to the Dock.

How to Find the Activity Monitor:

Open up the Applications folder

Mac Equivalent of Windows Task Manager

Then open up the Utilities Folder

Click on the Activity Monitor

Mac Equivalent to Task Manager

View the Activity Monitor

Mac Equivalent of Windows Task Manager

An Alternative to the Activity Monitor

Another method of viewing the same information which the Activity Monitor provides is to open up the Terminal program in the Applications/Utilities folder (as demonstrated above) and simply typing the command ‘top’ in the terminal window.

It will give the same information as the Activity Monitor:

I hope you’ve found this Mac equivalent tip helpful.


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